So you know your way around, and just want to rent a bike?

Piaggio MP3 Scooter Rentals


These are not your typical rent-a-scooter; some no-name little 50cc, no speed, uncomfortable, tinker-toy. 

No-no, these are Piaggio MP3 250's - the most sophisticated luxury scooters around!  3-wheeled, with amazing stability, comfort, and performance, they're quiet and super smooth.  

Who is Piaggio? It's the Italian parent company of Vespa of course! These are the real Italian thing!

Electric start, no shifting,  250cc liquid cooled motor, freeway fast, large cushy comfortable seat, with storage beneath it, a  trunk, amazing disc brakes, articulated dual front wheel suspension that still has you lean-into corners, like a traditional motorcycle. 

Yet with 2 front wheels, it provides better handling, superior grip and braking ability. This, is what the most luxurious and advanced scooter-type motorcycle looks like, but this one - doesn't require a motorcycle license!  

That's right, you can rent this one, as long as you are older than 21,  have a valid driver's license, and  automobile insurance coverage.  

But we also want to point out, that because these are pretty big and heavy, you will need to have had some prior experience with a moped, scooter, or other motorized 2-wheeled machine.  Leaning into a turn, or remembering to putting your feet down on the ground to balance the machine, when coming to stop, can not be foreign to you. You will need some basic 2-wheeled riding skills, or you are not going to have any fun, nor be safe.

But as far as we're concerned, there simply isn't a finer scooter available!

These are available as full day rentals 9AM - 5PM at $139

or, 24 hours/overnight rentals at $179

Call us at 760-610-2474 to rent

Moto Adventure Bike Rentals


The Royal Enfield Himalayan dual-sport bikes, that we use for some of our Adventure Tours, are also at times available as daily rentals. 

We love these, as they are so simple and easy to ride, yet remarkably capable. Equally at home on pavement, as they are on gravel roads, and dirt paths. 

It's been said about the Himalayan that; "it's the only motorcycle you'll ever need". While we see that as pretty true, there are of course lots of great machines out there, so we are not getting in the middle of that debate. Having said all that, they are a great bike, that can do a lot of things really well. 

All of our Himalayans have engine crash bars, ABS brakes, cell phone holders. A couple, can be further outfitted with metal panniers, and top carriers, for a nominal additional charge, if requested. We also have a small selection of helmets, touring jackets, knee & shin guards, pants, and gloves, available for rent should you need it.

To rent these, you do need to be over 25, have a valid motorcycle license, automobile insurance, and prior experience of course.

These are available as full day rentals 9AM - 5PM at $139

or, 24 hours/overnight rentals at $179

 Call us at 760-610-2474 to check availability to rent. 

Our Guided Tours have first dibs on these, but if one isn't booked, it can be yours to rent.

We also have a few other heavier bikes that we can rent as needed, including a Aprilia Caponord Rally, as well as a couple of Harley Davidson's.

On these, you'll need to call us to talk about availability.